15 Bubble Activities Kids (and Adults!) Will Love


There’s something magical about bubbles that continue to fascinate kids (and adults too!). Bubbles can be big or small, played with indoors or outdoors and enjoyed with or without friends. And don’t forget about bubble wrap, bubble bath, and bubble gum! Bubbles are simple, inexpensive, and they never fail to entertain. Here’s 15 ways to have a blast with bubbles!



1. Brew Up a Batch of Magnificent Bubbles


Bubbles come in all shapes and sizes, but the bigger they are… THE BETTER! Learn how to make this magical brew from Spaceships and Laser Beams.


2. Create Beautiful Bubble Art


The easiest and most fun watercolor flower painting… EVER.



3. Build a Bubble Blower Machine


This bubble blower machine is perfect project for your budding engineer!



4. Put Them in a Literal Bubble


Make the kids feel extra special when they’re standing in their own human-sized bubble!



5. Blow Bubbles with Household Objects


Grab your spoons, spatulas, whisks and whatnot—this activity is perfect for introducing preschoolers to the scientific method!


6. Make Unicorn Bubbles (aka Bubble Foam)


Guaranteed you’ve already got the supplies to make this magical, rainbow concoction.



7. Two Words: BUBBLE. WRAP.


Let’s not forget about the best bubble invention ever: BUBBLE WRAP! Let your stresses pop, pop, pop away while your kids wrap themselves up with this fun hopscotch.



8. Bubble Wrap Painting




9. Make a Batch of “Bubble Wrap” Slime

This super crunch popping slime is a sensory overload!



10. Take It Up a Notch with 3D Bubble Wands


This STEM project gives kids a visual demonstration of geometric shapes and structural engineering.



11. Hold a Bubble Snake Competition


See who can make the longest bubble snake!



12. Put Together a Bubble Wand Making Station


This is a great activity to entertain a group of kids. They get to customize with their own colors and shapes!



13. Make This Super Easy Gumball “Machine”


Can’t talk about bubbles without mentioning bubble gum!



14. Take Bubble Baths to a Whole New Level with Bath Paint


Turn bath time into art time!


15. Have a Crazy Fun Time with a Foam Bath


End the day with a bit of foamy fun for bath time!







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