22 April Fool’s Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For

THIS. IS. IT… the day you’ve been waiting for… the day when you get to pay your kids back for their misadventures with a little mischief of your own. No kidding, April Fool’s Day is here! So, try out some of these pranks that your whole family will totally fall for!



1. Whip up some ‘cake pops’ and watch them crunch into Brussels sprouts!

briain / imgur.com



2. Turn your family’s favorite orange drink into something a lil’ more cheesy.

ronnietalent / imgur.com



3. Use your impressive drawing skills to draw a little spider on toilet paper, roll it back up, and wait for the reaction!

middleagedmomdoesstuff / instagram.com



4. Have them take a bite of these juicy caramel ‘apples.’

electrochrome / imgur.com



5. Stick googly eyes on everything!



6. They’ll never get the mail for you again after this one!




7. Hide bubble wrap under the rug and wait for them to take a step.




8. This one will definitely “bug” your kid.



9. Freeze their cereal in the morning and watch them dig in.



10. Here’s another one with Brussels sprouts.

poisonpen / imgur.com



11. Rubberband your teen’s phone and watch madness ensue…


12. Or take it to the next level by wrapping it in foil and duct taping the whole thing!




13. Open the bottom of a bag of Cheetos, swap them for carrots, and glue it back shut.




14. Plastic wrap your kid’s bedroom door before they wake up.




15. Or rig their door with a party popper for a confetti-filled surprise.




16. Swab a little bit of gel food coloring under the faucet for a colorful bath!




17. Turn your house upside down!


18. Make a plate of sponge brownies.




19. Print out this shark face and listen to the shrieks.

theartofdoingstuff.com – click for shark printable



20. Got a kid who has clothes all over the floor? Now’s your chance to hang it up for them!

thelittlepie / imgur.com



21. Serve up a glass of juice that’s really Jell-O!




22. Fool your family with this meat and potato sundae. Complete with a cherry (tomato) on top!






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