5 Reasons Kids Should Try a Pottery or Ceramics Class

5 Reasons Kids Should Try a Pottery or Ceramics Class


1. Calming Effect

Kids love to touch and feel. The tactile nature of clay is a great physical outlet for kids. Even the wiggliest of kids can become fascinated by clay and focus on making and creating a masterpiece.


2. Improve Motor Skills & Sensory Development

With all the different techniques they’ll be learning from pounding, pinching, coiling, and squeezing the clay… their hands and arm muscles will be getting a lot of action. Plus, their senses will be actively engaged as they touch, feel and smell the clay and paint in the pottery studio.


3. Creativity & Self-Esteem

Clay is a flexible medium. Kids are able to manipulate it however they see fit which leads to more confidence expressing their imagination and creativity. Clay also allows for mistakes and imperfections… if they don’t like it, they can roll it into a ball and start over!


4. Develop Problem-Solving Skills

Kids will learn to figure out how to troubleshoot the unique properties of clay. If the clay dries out, they will learn all they need is some water. If they need stronger handles, they will learn to add more clay.


5. Pride & Accomplishment

Kids get to turn a ball of clay into a work of art that lasts. It’s an expression of creativity that will get better and better with time.


Where to Try a Pottery or Ceramics Class

ARTime Studio | Mission Viejo and Laguna Beach

Artology Studio | Irvine

Clay on First | Long Beach

Huntington Beach Art Center | Huntington Beach

Irvine Fine Arts Center | Irvine

Muckenthaler Cultural Center | Fullerton

Mud Hen Clay and Art Studio | Tustin

Muddy’s Studio | Santa Ana

Painted Earth Pottery & Art Studio | Temecula

The Art Studio | Westminster

The Ceramics Studio | San Juan Capistrano



*Visit each location’s website and/or call to confirm details.




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