22 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions Your Family Will Love

Turkey and feasting are go-to Thanksgiving traditions, but why not try something new or even non-traditional this year? Go on a Turkey Egg Hunt, play a family game, or watch old family videos. Here’s some ideas to get you started!



      1. Forage for Fall Foliage
        Take a nature walk around the neighborhood or park to find fall leaves, pinecones, and twigs and use them to decorate the home.
      2. Video Call Family Members
        Just before mealtime, do a conference call with family members. Check out these games you can play over video calls!
      3. Have Kids Serve Dessert
        Give the kiddos the special job of serving dessert. Kids love to help!
      4. Cook a Special Dish
        Make a special dish every year with the kids. And before you know it, they could be in charge of making that dish all on their own!
      5. Make a Gratitude Pumpkin
        Use last month’s Halloween pumpkin to write down everything your family is grateful for. See how this one is made on Coffee and Carpool.
      6. Watch a Holiday Movie
        Enjoy a piece of pie and hot cocoa huddled around a favorite holiday movie.
      7. Watch Old Family Videos
        Dig out all the old family videos and have a blast laughing and reminiscing good times.
      8. Clean Out the Pantry
        Go through the pantry to see what can be donated to local food banks. Hold a food drive at home and have family members bring their donations too!
      9. Break Out a Board Game
        Family game nights are always fun, but it’s even more fun when family is over.
      10. Read a Thanksgiving Story
        Visit the bookstore for Thanksgiving-themed storybooks or look up videos of read-aloud storytimes.
      11. Decorate a Paper Table Cloth
        Have the kids draw and write what they’re thankful for on butcher paper big enough to use as a tablecloth.
      12. Visit a Local Farm
        Enjoy an outing to the farm to gather locally grown foods. Try picking your own fresh fruits and veggies. Tanaka Farms in Irvine and Underwood Family Farms near LA is open Thanksgiving week (closed Thanksgiving Day).
      13. Play the ‘Mom & Me’ or ‘Dad & Me’ Know-it-All Game
        How well do the kids know Mom or Dad? We put these questions together for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but the game can be played any time of the year! Here’s Mom’s version and Dad’s version.
      14. Send Holiday Cheer
        Not everybody’s lucky enough to get the day off. Send the local fire station, police department, the local hospital, delivery workers, grocery store clerks, or any essential worker some goodies, thank you notes, or gift cards to brighten their holiday.
      15. Make a Thanksgiving Craft
        From turkey hats to place mats and table decorations, there’s plenty of things to make! Check out our Thanksgiving Pinterest board for ideas.
      16. Make a Little Free Library
        If your kid’s room is overflowing with books they no longer read, put it out for the neighbors in your own little library! Get ideas here.
      17. Put on a Family Talent Show
        Show off skills and hidden talents with the whole family as an audience.
      18. Bust Open a Thanksgiving Piñata
        Who says piñatas are just for birthday parties? Fill it with fall-colored candies and confetti.
      19. Go on a “Turkey Egg Hunt”
        And who says Easter eggs are just for Easter? Rebrand last year’s Easter eggs into turkey eggs and hide them around the house or yard. Get gold-colored eggs to keep it in the Thanksgiving/Fall theme.
      20. Hand-Me-Down Exchange
        Holidays are the perfect time to clean out the closet (to make room for new stuff!), especially with kids. Encourage guests to bring any items they no longer need to exchange or donate.
      21. Host the Thanksgiving Olympics
        Put together a circuit of fun Thanksgiving-related games. Pumpkin throwing, piggyback races, pumpkin rolls, or even a pie-eating contest!
      22. Get Ready for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa…
        At the end of the day, start decorating for December holidays!


What traditions does your family love to do every year?




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