New Spring/Summer 2019 Issue of Kidsguide is Here!


Every 10 years––or more in our case––you have to reinvent yourself. Shake everything out, reevaluate, rearrange, and put it all back together in a far more awesome way.

Meet Kidsguide 2.0—your ultimate guides (plural)––to Arts, Camps, Education, Outings… you name it. If it’s for kids and families, we’ve got a guide for it. This issue is organized by our “Guides.” Each one contains conversations––Q&As––about things that you as parents may be looking for.

(KG Factoid: this was the inspiration for Kidsguide 34 years ago––parents asking parents, “where can I find …”). The contents of each section are a reminder of how lucky we are to be surrounded by an amazing array of opportunities to enrich and expand the lives of our kids (the other big inspiration for KG).


Click here to flip through the pages, download the issue, and share it with a friend!





This post was written by Alina Na

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