10 Organizing Hacks You Need to Know!

Between school backpacks, dirty socks on the floor and cheerios under the table, our homes can start looking like the inside of a junk drawer. Throw pets into the mix and we’ve got an even bigger mess to deal with but Kidsguide is here to save the day with 10 organizing hacks you need to know!

1. Make the pantry kid friendly by using dollar store dividers and sandwich bags! The Shirley Journey shows you exactly how it’s done, here.

2. Save the dresser mayhem and use hangers labeled with each day of the week to plan out outfits. Say goodbye to messy drawers and floors!

3. Use a peg board for closet storage! You can hang coats, hats, etc. to keep them out of the way. Check out how Popsugar does it, here.

4. Use the space under the bed for storage! Pick up bins and label them so kids know what’s inside. They can be used for clothes, toys or blankets!

5. Organize reusable grocery bags with file folders like The Spruce does here.

6. Use a toolbox or large bin to organize your most used cleaning supplies under the sink.

7.  Convert a bread box into a charging station for the entire family. It can also double as a place to store items when it’s zero screen time at home. Find out how to do, here.

8. Tackle the paper pile up with this super easy to follow guide from Clean Mama.

9. Don’t have a designated homework space? Use this insanely easy DIY from Aunt Peaches to create a portable homework caddy!

10. Ditch the board game boxes and transfer them into plastic containers. Raising Lemons shows you how this game changer is done, here.

And that’s a wrap! Organizing your home can be a fun family experience,
not to mention it leaves more time to flip through all of the amazing things KG has to offer!
Have a hack we should know about? Leave it in the comments section! 🙂


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