20 Parenting Hacks You Need to Know!

Between the temper tantrums and endless piles of laundry, sometimes it can feel like your kids are out to get you. And it’s not like they come with instruction manuals, do they? That’s why we decided to put together these 20 parenting hacks that are absolutely genius! 😉

1. Make a sick bucket like the one here. Stock it with fluids, tummy soothing snacks, tissues etc. and keep it close to your little ones. If they’re feeling under the weather at 2 a.m. you don’t have to hunt around for everything!

2. Beat those hot car buckles with a spray bottle of water. Spritz a little on the buckle and the evaporation will cool it off.

3. Kids keep locking themselves in their rooms? Use a rubber band and loop it around the door’s knobs to create an X over the latch. Like this!

4. Get rid of their cough with VapoRub. Spread a good amount on their feet and cover them with warm socks. Let them sleep in it overnight and you’ll be surprised at the outcome!

5. Use a sticker cut in half to get your child to put their shoes on the right feet. One Creative Housewife shows you how, here.

6. Have a safe day out and snap a pic. If anything were to happen to your kiddos, you’ll know exactly what they had on.

7. Have a day off? Make a family binder and use it to stash important contact info, any documents you need to have on hand, etc. If there’s ever an emergency you’ll have the important stuff all in one place.

8. Use an empty closet as a school center. If you’re homeschooling this is the perfect hack for organizing!

9. Cut a strip of tape and place it over your child’s toy speakers to lower the volume.

10. Place a cupcake liner under a popsicle to catch the drips.

11. Hot out? Stick a Capri Sun in the freezer and it becomes a super easy slushy.

12. Throw a fitted sheet into your beach bag. Use your cooler, and other items, to hold it up and it keeps the sand out of your sandwiches!

13. Save yourself some cleanup and place the ketchup under the hot dog instead of on top. 😉

14. A command hook on the back of their high chair makes for the perfect bib hanging spot.

15. Use a pizza cutter to easily slice up pancakes!

16. Make a visual marker for how much toilet paper the kids should use like this one, here.

17. Fix a doll’s hair with DIY “Doll Hairspray.” It’s sooo easy!

18. Use empty deodorant dispensers to make homemade sidewalk chalk with no mess.

19. Beat the restaurant crazies and pack a busy wallet for the kids. Stock it with drawing paper, stickers and pens to keep them occupied while they wait for their food.

20. Pick up a lazy susan at your local dollar store and use it in the fridge.

Have a hack you love to use? Let us know in the comments below,

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