5 Bedtime Hacks

1. Schedule out Bedtime

To get the kiddos on track sometimes it’s best to have a visual cue, and we love this clock idea from themaven.net! Having a schedule to follow provides for an easier bedtime routine because little ones know what to expect and it helps to signal their bodies that it’s time to snooze!

2. End Screen Time Early and Replace it with Bedtime Yoga

Studies have shown that electronic devices at bedtime are a no go. The light emitted from the screen stimulates the brain and doesn’t allow the body to start the shutting down process. Lucky for you, we found the perfect thing to replace it — bedtime yoga! Mindbodygreen.com breaks down 5 kid-friendly yoga poses that double as a relaxation tool and quality time.

3. Make a DIY Monster Spray

Monsters under the bed? In the closet? Fear not, we’ve got the solution! Grab a spray bottle from your local dollar store and some super cute stickers to make your very own bottle of “Monster Be Gone.” You can fill it with whatever you like but one of our favs is to use water with a few drops of lavender and vanilla essential oil. It’ll repel the bad guys and relax your tot! 😉

4. Showers with Aromatherapy Products 

Aromatherapy isn’t just for grown ups! If you’re having a really hard time getting your little one in the mood for bed, run a warm bath and add some stress relief bubble bath to it or use a sleepy time body wash. You can find these types of products anywhere and often times baby brands will carry a line as well. Give it a try!

5. Have a Bedtime Snack

It’s hard to get comfy when you have a pang in your tummy and if your little one is the type to use this as an excuse to get out of bed, make sure they have a little snack before they get tucked in. Activebeat.com gives you 10 options to choose from but we especially love bananas. Slice them up and sprinkle them with cinnamon for a yummy treat and bonus, bananas contain magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxant!

If you have any other tips, drop them in the comments below!
Happy sleeping, Kidsguide families!


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