Top 5 Ways to Make Your Morning Routine A Breeze!

For some of us, school is already in session (trust us, we’re not happy about it), and so are the horrors of the morning routine. Spilt milk, banging on the bathroom door, mismatched socks—things we try not to think about during our beloved lunch breaks. But hope is not lost! Follow these top 5 parent-approved tips and kick the morning sludge out of your house for good. Call us #parentbosses.



1. Choose outfits the night before right down to their socks, undies, shoes and hair bows. Lay them all out and ready to go. And if you’re a working parent, lay yours out as well! You’ll have more time to scour Instagram for the latest fashion trends! 😉


2. Go to bed early. Kids—and parents!—who get plenty of sleep will be much more cooperative in the morning. It also helps you to wake up a little earlier and mentally prep before the kids start stomping through the house. Have your coffee, sit outside, and soak in those extra 15 minutes.


3. Every evening after dinner, pack lunches, make sure homework’s in backpacks, sign permission slips and finish anything that you don’t want to rush to get done in the morning. You’d be surprised how much time you save by packing lunches the night before—hello snooze button, you old rascal you.


4. Have your kids take their baths or showers at night. It’ll keep your bathroom from turning into Grand Central Station in the morning. Plus, they can clean up after themselves and it’ll save you from the stinky socks and sopping towels.


5. Streamline the breakfast menu by offering just a couple of options. There’s nothing wrong with serving the same bowl of cereal, milk and fruit every morning. Or try these quickies. The name of the game is “get them fed” and if you can do that, then you’re winning already. 😉


We hope these help some of you with your little dragons in the morning, and if you have any of your own tips that make you a #parentboss, PLEASE leave them for us in the comments. It takes a village guys!




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