4 Secrets to Make Homework a Breeze

Now that the school year is back in full swing, that means homework assignments are here, too. Make the process as painless as possible with these tried-and-true tips.


1. Get Organized

First, set up a specific homework spot with plenty of supplies at the ready. Keep your kid going with paper, pens, pencils, flash cards, markers, crayons and glue sticks.


You can keep it all contained — and make the spot super kid-friendly — with these 10 Incredible and Totally Do-Able DIY Homework Stations.


2. Get Rolling

A snack and a drink first will help your little scholar concentrate, and the promise of free time later on will help him get his work done faster.


After each page or two, get your kid up and moving with jumping jacks, a spider crawl through the living room, some tricky flamingo stretches or a five-minute dance fest to keep the brain-power flowing.


Track his progress with this free printable homework chart. And reward his studious efforts with weekly trinkets, trips to the ice cream shop, or  these free printable Screen Time Tickets.


3. Homework Help


Can’t remember the difference between commutative property and distributive property? Or whether ammonia is an acid or a base?


Check these free online tutorials!


At Khan Academy kids in Kindergarten on up can browse through a huge library of interactive challenges, assessments and step-by-step videos to learn and practice any topic at their own pace.  Totally free, the site covers math, science and the humanities, from the basics to doctoral topics. Play, pause and rewind videos as much as you like.


Grade-schoolers ages 4-12 can build their basic skills through fun games at e-Learning for Kids. Founded in 2004, the non-profit site offers completely free practice in math, language arts, science, health and computers, plus games that teach environmental and life skills.


Once your kids hit their tween years, turn to sophia.org, which offers free help for middle schoolers, high schoolers and adult learners.


Join for free and tap into 32,000 tutorials, taught by 6,000 different teachers, through videos, screencasts and traditional slideshows. There’s even an online quiz to pinpoint your kids’ learning style so you can find the lessons that will work best.


4. Afterschool Tutoring


Need one-on-one help? See if  your local branch offers after-school homework assistance. Many libraries provide this service absolutely free of charge on weekday afternoons.


Extra credit: check Kidsguide’s Pinterest page for even more great ideas for back-to-school. You’ll earn an A+ in no time.


This post was written by Liz Davis

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