You’ve Been Egged!! 3 Traditions You Should Try This Easter!

Posted Thursday, April 13th, 2017


Do you have a neighbor you’re just dying to egg? So do we! But we may not have the same definition of egging someone as you do! 🙂 Check out our second tradition to figure it out. Let the hunt begin! 🙂



1. Upcycle those plastic eggs! 

With Earth day right around the corner, this Easter tradition is perfect to teach your little ones the value of recycling old materials.

After the candy is all eaten up, and the jelly beans are non-existent, take out your trusty glue gun and get crafting!

Thanks to, we now have this amazing way to use up those old Easter eggs. Good-bye trash bin, hello Alyssum!





2. Egg someone!

Not literally! Hold your fire! egged-21

For this tradition, fill up those extra eggs and scope out your lucky target’s house. As quietly as you can, start placing (or hiding if you think they’re up for the challenge) the eggs all over the front yard. Finish it off with a knock at the doorstep, and this free printable from!

One last thing, you might want to include how many eggs are at large on the printable. I don’t think anyone wants to be finding eggs mid-july!



3. Make Easter Bunny Footrprints


Pull out the flour, and don’t fret it’s not for baking this time!

For this magical tradition, you want to start by cutting out some bunny footprints like the one tidbitsandtwine offers on her site! Take your template and your flour, or baby powder, and start marking your trail.

You can start outside and have the kids follow them all through the house ending with a surprise Easter basket finish!

The little ones are sure to love this, and you’ll get a kick out of watching them! It’s a win-win!








If you try any of these egg-ceptional traditions this year don’t forget to share your photos with us by tagging #kidsguidemagazine! We’d love to see your creations!


????Hoppy Easter from the Kidsguide Team!????







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