Win Tickets to see Junie B. Jones!

Posted Thursday, January 11th, 2018


The world’s funniest grade-school know-it-all is back! And Junie B. is convinced that someone stole her furry black mittens at recess. So when Junie B. finds a cool pen on the floor, it’s finders keepers, losers weepers. But why does she keep having those bad dreams? Will she ever get her mittens back? And will she win over the new boy in Room 8?


Previews: January 26–February 2, 2018

Regular Performances: February 3–11, 2018


Recommendation: Grades K-6. Theatre for Young Audiences … and Their Families is just that, a multi-generational experience for all ages (unfortunately, no children under the age of four and babes-in-arms). The only requirement is that each audience member occupies a seat and sits quietly through the performance while having a wonderful time.


Running Time: Theatre for Young Audiences performances are never more than 90 minutes.



1. Comment below telling us who you would take to the show and why! Bonus points if you tell us why you love Junie B.!

2. The winner will be chosen on Thursday, January 18th and will have 24 hours to respond.

3. The tickets are for Junie’s performance on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. and are not exchangeable.

4. And that’s it! Good luck, Kidsguiders!







28 thoughts on “Win Tickets to see Junie B. Jones!

  1. Araceli Mendoza on said:

    I would take my children. They have all read the June B Jones series and love her books!! We love Junie B because she is so funny and outspoken!

  2. Kelly Fitzgerald on said:

    I would love to take my son. He loves shows and I think it’s important to install a love of live theater at a young age.

  3. Irene De La Serna on said:

    I would love to take my spunky eight year old daughter Alyssa. She’s been reading Junie B. Jones since Kindergarten. Alyssa just performed in her first musical and would love to see her favorite book brought to life!
    In my own daughters words- I love Junie B Jones because she is just like me. She is very funny and in 2nd grade. I also have two best friends and love to write in my journal.
    Age 8

  4. Devin Fisher on said:

    I would love to take my daughter and my mom (her grandma) to see Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook because we read all of her books and fall in love with each story. She makes us laugh and who doesn’t like a good laugh when reading. My mom & I always say my daughter reminds us of Junie B….mischievous, curious, and always getting herself into some sort of shenanigans.

  5. Marilyn on said:

    This will be a great mommy and daughter time. My 9 year old daughter read all the books. How exciting it will be to watch the play with her!!

  6. Jazzy on said:

    My name is Jazzy and I would bring my friend and family with me to see the show. I would bring them to the show because I think they would like it and it would be funny, silly, and crazy. I like Junie B. Jones a lot because she makes me laugh and is very funny and crazy. For example, in the book Junie B. Jones is (almost) a flower girl she had an idea that popped in her head that she could take two petals from Bo the flower girl’s basket. When Junie B. did this, she caused Bo to get mad and Junie B. got in trouble.

  7. Zulma Ocampo on said:

    I chose to take my six year old grandson who is in Kinder to see Junie B. Is NOT a Crook, and his mother who was missing for a year. It will be a memorable bonding time. He thinks Junie B is smart and kinda cool so to get to see characters on stage will be unforgetable. His love of reading will continue to grow. I remember my first play iit was Hansel and Gretal I clearly recall looking forward to arriving at the theater, the people on stage is still a magical memory. I believe it will be the same for him.

  8. Carole Daigle on said:

    I would LOVE to take my 8 year old twin daughters.!! They’ve only been to one play and they loved it.!! It would a huge blessing to see another play, Especially this one.!! They’ve read A Lot of the Junie B books and really love her sense of humor.!!! Thanks for considering us.!!

  9. Teresa phed on said:

    I would take my daughter and friends! We love Junior B books because she is funny. It would be exciting to introduce my daughter to love theatre.

  10. Jennifer on said:

    I love Junie B. Because she’s not a crook! Crooks suck! I will love to take make kids to see this amazing performance!

  11. carey on said:

    I would take my two kids and my husband. This will be an amazing opportunity because I absolutely loved Junie B Jones books growing up and so did my 22 year old daughter and now my five-year-old. Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Victoria Tindoc on said:

    I would bring my daughter’s Cicely and Crystal, who are big fans of Junie B Jones. Their 8 year difference in age goes to show how timeless Junie B. Jones is. Hope we win it Cecily and Crystal!

  13. I would appreciate the opportunity for my grandchildren, ages 7-9, to see the Junie B. Jones play. I like Junie B. because of the lessons learned in a fun, educational way that children can relate to.

  14. Tina Lopez on said:

    I would take my daughter Allyson and her friend Daphne. They enjoy reading so watching a show that brings one of their favorite characters to life would inspire them to read and write more creatively.
    We love Junie B. She’s spunky and truthful. She is funny and always finds a way to bring the best out of a bad situation.

  15. Monique on said:

    I would love to take my 9 year old daughter…sge loves Junie B Jones and I recently had a baby and think this would be a perfect thing she can do with just me and 2 friends with no baby brother involved!

  16. Becky on said:

    I’d take my daughter of course and her cousin. They are 5 and 6 and it is so great to see them experience fun things together.

  17. Alice Chavez on said:

    I would take my daughter Mia because we both are book worms and she is fascinated by this series of books. I am showing her to see the world through books… it can take you places and make you grow in so many ways..

  18. Claire Perez on said:

    I would take my two daughters and husband for a family day at the theater. My oldest daughter is seven and we’ve read several of the Junie B. stories together. Bedtime is the best when we laugh ourselves silly at our loveable Junie B.

  19. Melissa Erker on said:

    I would take my 1st grade daughter. She loves reading the Junie B books and we love laughing at the books together.

  20. SarinaGallon on said:

    I would take my son Jackson because we love Junie B Jones books. I’m really proud of how well he’s reading and most importantly he enjoys reading! I We love June B Jones because she is a funny first grader just like Jackson.

  21. SarinaGallon on said:

    I’m really proud of how well he’s reading and most importantly he enjoys reading! I We love June B Jones because she is a funny first grader just like Jackson.

  22. Joanna Alonzo on said:

    I would take my daughter. She is in 2nd grade. First chapter book she ever read was Junie B Jones. We read the whole series together (kinder and first grade). She won an award from Long Beach Public Library foundation last summer. she wrote an essay on her favorite book, which were the Junie B book series. We LOVE LOVE LOVE these books. And this would definitely make her year.

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