Buzzz Alert! You’ll Never Guess What We’ve Done!

Posted Thursday, April 27th, 2017


Okay, so here’s the low down on what’s been happening here at Kidsguide headquarters. Our beloved Clickable Calendar, that you see in The Buzzz every week, has undergone a facelift! 🙂



Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.03.18 PM


And here’s what you need to know:

1. We’ve made it easier on the eyeScreen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.05.52 PM and instead of the list you were used to seeing on the left, we’ve replaced it with clickable images of the days of the week! So if you’re looking for something this Friday, April 28, click on Friday. Simple as that!








2. Each image will always beScreen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.03.42 PM linked to the days of the upcoming week, and will list even more events occurring that day! And this list is updated daily!! So what’re you gonna do today?






3. The most important part….Tell us what you think! Leave a comment down below, email us, or tell us on our socials (@kidsguidemagazine, or FB Kidsguide)! We want to know what you think of The Clickable Calendar 2.0 🙂



Don’t forget to tell your friends to sign up for The Buzzz today! It makes family life a whole lot easier, trust us!




7 thoughts on “Buzzz Alert! You’ll Never Guess What We’ve Done!

  1. J. Bulanek on said:

    Very nice format, but I may need some time to warm up to it. At this time, I actually prefer the old format where I could scroll through the entire week of events very quickly rather than one day at a time. Seeing the entire week often gives me ideas for a day that I was not considering. Sure hate to miss some fun because I only looked at one day. I love your many events and my family continues to enjoy them as often as we can! Thank you!

  2. T. Pham on said:

    I agree with J. Bulanek. I didn’t mind the old format, one more click to open it in the browser is not as desirable for me, especially when on a mobile device, I prefer to just pinch and zoom and see the list in one place because many times, I’m looking to see what’s on Saturday and Sunday to plan my weekend and now it takes two clicks and two page loads to view it all. The browser view is nicer and more readable, but why not list it all in one page so we don’t have to click on each day individually? Thanks for allowing us the chance to comment.

  3. fancy pants on said:

    i agree completely with j. bulanek and t pham. weekend at a glance is much more desireable to see all at once as opposed to day by day. old format was much easier to read and navigate to plan the entire weekend. please return to the old way

  4. fancy pants on said:

    on another note- thank you for the many years of great ideas! experienced A LOT of awesome activities, otherwise unknown to me, thanks to the buzz 🙂

  5. ckerekes on said:

    I see you lumped weekend together, but it is still very unorganized in the way the dates are categorized. Please go back to original format where it is simple and easy to read at a quick glance. I feel like i am scrolling down endlessly and i just end up giving up…

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