Trend Alert: “Boo-ing” Someone Is Totally In!

Posted Thursday, October 12th, 2017

 If you haven’t heard, “boo-ing” your neighbor is the new trend, and no, we don’t mean booing them off stage!

This fun Halloween festivity is super simple to do thanks to online printables, and is a blast for the whole family to partake in. 🙂



STEP 1: Choose a victim errr neighbor, we mean neighbor! Make sure their windows are clear of the “We’ve Been Boo-ed” sign!


STEP 2: Pack a bucket or take-out box with lots of Halloween goodies. This can be anything from Halloween treats and candy to vampire teeth or glowsticks. Check out your local dollar store and get creative!


STEP 3: Print out the “You’ve Been Boo-ed” tag, “We’ve Been Boo-ed” house sign, and instructions. You can find free matching printables here from or here from 😉  Place them with your treat box/bucket and get ready for step 4!


STEP 4: Now is your time to be ultra stealth. Your goal here is to place the goodies on your neighbor’s doorstep, ring their bell, and get out before they can open the door! You don’t want to be seen so pull out your best secret agent moves.


STEP 5: Wait! The ultimate goal of boo-ing someone is to spread a little holiday fun and for them to keep it going. The instructions they receive will have them doing this to someone else until (fingers crossed) the whole neighborhood gets to partake in the fun!




And that’s it! Simple right?

To find the free printables and see how the pros get it done be sure to check out:















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