Theater 101: Introduction to the Arts…for Kids!

Posted Thursday, May 18th, 2017



We’ve happened upon a conundrum here at Kidsguide headquarters!

We’ve realized that with all the shows we’ve pitched to you families, we’ve never shared how you can make attending them easier and more enjoyable. Without further adieu, we present to you our guide for hitting the theater…

Oh, one second, we forgot to mention that there’s a sweet prize for those of you who stay tuned till the end! 😉


1. Prep the Kiddos by Reading the Booktales

If the show you’d like to attend happens to have a book associated with it, read it! Mark your favorite spots and see if they’re reenacted on stage. You can even hold a little family competition and see whose spots are played out live the most. Your little ones will have to pay attention if they want to catch all of them!

Need a show idea? Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume is hitting the stage through June 4th at South Coast Repertory!

You can find the book here!




2. Find Performances That Are Right for Youpainted3

Kids are not all the same! Sorry to break it to you Nanny 911. What works for some just doesn’t work for others and lucky for you, many of our theaters offer performances for those special bundles.

Segerstrom Center of the Arts offers a sensory friendly performance of The Painted Garden on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 10 a.m. They reduce sound levels, provide break spaces, and more. You can read all about it here.

And South Coast Repertory is offering an ASL performance of Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing on Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 2 p.m.




3. Workshops, Workshops, Workshopsworkshops

Segerstrom Center for the Arts and other favorite venues often offer pre-show activities to add to the fun. You might be able to meet the cast, see the lovely costumes up close, play games or even make crafts! Best part? These activities are often included in the ticket price!

If you’re planning on hitting The Painted Garden you can find more about their art infused pre-show here. If not, always be sure to check websites or call ahead of time. These pre-shows help get the wiggles out before you take your seats, and get the little ones more involved in what they’ll be watching.



4. Attend a Theater Camp or Classtheatercamp

Often times kids are afraid of things they don’t know (kind of like grandma’s prune juice) but we’ve got the solution!

Before taking them to enjoy a performance at a theater, take them behind the scenes at a theater camp or class. We’ve got a ton on our CampGuide or in our Theater Arts directory.

South Coast Repertory, Acting Out, and Creative Kids Playhouse all offer summer acting camps and you can find a range of courses and master classes at The Wallis Annenberg Center.




5. Go over Theater Etiquette

Learning the basics of how to behave at a performance can help your child understand what’s expected of them. A lot like chewing with your mouth closed…even though adults still forget that from time to time! We’re not pointing any fingers!

Check out the video below for an adorable lesson on Theater Etiquette:


And that, Kidsguide Families, wraps up our Theater 101. But before the curtain closes, we have a very special ending for you.

We’ve teamed up with South Coast Repertory to deal out 2 – Family 4 Packs to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing + 25 SCR Bucks! (Performance dates: 5/27/17 and 6/3/17 at 2 p.m.)

Here’s how to enter: 

1. Follow us on Instagram:


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2. Leave a comment down below telling us one thing your family loves about the theater. ❤️

3. CONTEST EXTENDED UNTIL 5/25/17 and the 2 winners will be notified via email. Winners must respond within 24 hours. So act fast!

Good Luck!


8 thoughts on “Theater 101: Introduction to the Arts…for Kids!

  1. MARILYN BUSTILLO on said:

    It will be an awesome feeling when my 8 year old daughter and I can sit and watch a play that we can enjoy together and talk about. In that moment we can enjoy not only the play, but the entire theatre experience What a wonderful moment it will be!

  2. J Abella on said:

    Our family loves theater over movie watching. With live theater, the feel & vibe is different and it’s more captivating.

  3. Becky on said:

    We love to be able to experience things together. Our daughter loves anything to do with dancing, story telling, & performances! It is so cool to see her in total awe when she experiences something for the first time.

  4. Erika on said:

    My boys have enjoyed the theater series this year! It nice to know we can go to kid friendly theatre. ☺

  5. Monica Skapino on said:

    We enjoyed very much theatre and is a way to introduce my kids to one of the richest cultural activities.

  6. Heri on said:

    I’ve never taken my daughter to the theatre, and would like to see if it’s something we can do together moving forward.

  7. Monse Gallegos on said:

    My 8 year son recently get selected to participate on the pageant of the masters this summer and is so afraid of the experience with make up and the reality of being on stage. This treat would be a great opportunity to take him to see what type of experience other artist participate in live acting in front of a live audience. My second son is our art child and love anything art related.

  8. Trisha davidson on said:

    We love theater!!! I think it’s important to expose children to this. We especially live the music. We recently saw Mary poppins. It was wonderful and definitely fulfilled a bucket list! 🙂

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