The Best Place to Party, Play and Bounce!

Posted Wednesday, December 6th, 2017


What do kids like to do at a party? BOUNCE!

What do kids like to do over the holidays? BOUNCE.

What don’t you want your little one doing on your brand new $3,000 couch? BOUNCE!


So why not treat them to some good fun at Frogg’s Bounce House where their speciality is…you guessed it, bouncing! It’s the best place in town to party, play, and get your wiggles out!


Parties Include:

  • 2-1/2 hours of open play in their 9,000-square-foot inflatable fun zone, plus use of the party room!
  • Customizable. Open-Concept. Bring your own food, and characters!
  • Hosts up to 100 people. Wowzers. 😉
  • Invitations, Frogg staff, and clean up.
  • Special party photo and guest appearance by Froggalina!

Find more info, here.






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