Start Your Summer Bucket List!

Posted Tuesday, May 30th, 2017


Summer is nipping at our heels and so is the inevitable “Mom, I’m bored.” But never fear Kidsguiders, we’ve once again saved the day with our summer bucket list! It’s simple to use and all of the events can be found here on our Directory!

Here’s how to use it:


1. Download the bucket list heresummerbucketlist


2. We’ve filled out 8 of the 10 slots with some very summer-worthy events and you can find numerous options under each category. For example, for our second suggestion head over to our Museum category to choose anything from a flight museum to space center!


3. Here are the categories so you can check them out and cross off as you go.

SUMMER CALENDAR: Coming to locations near you, and on our site, on June 6th. It’s filled to the brim with kid-friendly events, concerts, movies, and much more!


Summer Concerts 

Summer Movies




Kid’s Night Out

Water Play


4. Fill out the blank spaces with your little ones and check them off. It can be anything from baking a cake to volunteering, just remember to have fun and be prepared!


Happy Summer Kidsguide families!

Don’t forget to share your memories with us by either leaving us a comment or tagging us in a photo @kidsguidemagazine! 


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