Smallfoot Yeti Village

August 12 – September 14: Smallfoot hits the theaters September 28, but you don’t have to wait to enter their world! Explorers who dare can experience the Yeti Village right here in Hollywood. Discover the Yeti mountain lair above the clouds, then descend down to the land of the Smallfoot. Dance in a blizzard, swing on a cloud, ride a 20-foot slide, sing karaoke in the Yak Shack, play in a snowball pit, and take a picture of yourself in the hands of a life-size Yeti! An entire village awaits. Weekends, 10am-5pm. Weekdays (prior to Labor Day), noon-6pm. Weekdays (starting Labor Day), 3pm-8pm. Last entrance 40 minutes prior to closing. Reserve tickets online. Walk-ups accepted. Free.

1721 Vine St., Los Angeles