See the Classic Tale @ The Wallis

Posted Friday, November 10th, 2017



Be the Robin in your hood. Here’s how:

1. See the Classic Tale of Robin Hood @ The Wallis!

This version goes rogue in a bold new twist on the world’s most infamous outlaw.

Robin and his unmerry gang of cutthroats steal from the rich, but it’s never occurred to them to give anything back to anyone. When wicked Prince John threatens all, bold Marion steps in to protect the poor and transform a thuggish Robin from hood …to good.

Recommended for ages 10 and up.

Buy Tickets Here.


2. Hit the Bullseye

Target Your Inner Robin Hood: SoCal offers many opportunities for the whole family to learn archery! To introduce this great sport for kids (ages 7 & up), start with a free class for beginners at El Dorado Regional Park in Long Beach.


3. Do Good for Others

Before and after the show provides the perfect opportunity to zero in on the “Give to others” classic Robin Hood message with your kids. And, this is the perfect time of year to put helping others in to practice. Reinforce with your kids compassion and kindness for those less fortunate by participating in Kidsguide’s first-ever Food Drive, benefiting OC Food Bank.





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