Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine

2760 Studebaker Road (562) 570-3100


Academics (see Tutoring and Academics), archery, baseball (T-ball), basketball (free coed leagues), boating and sailing classes, cooking, no-cost drop-in after-school programs, dance (baby dance, pre-ballet and ballet, tap, cultural, break dancing), fashion makeup, coed flag football, disc and foot golf, golf, gymnastics, horseback riding, martial arts, music (piano, guitar/bass, drums, exploring instruments, glee, parent/me, ukulele), musical theater, parties (see Leeway Sailing Center in Parties), skateboarding, ice skating, hockey, soccer (free coed, boys’ and girls’ leagues, and Pee Wee), swimming (recreational, lessons, parent/me), teen centers, tennis, and volleyball (free girls’ leagues), plus workshops at the El Dorado Nature Center (see STEM). Visit www.lbparks.org  for events and classes.