Let the Treasure Hunt begin! Giveaway Alert!

Posted Thursday, April 20th, 2017



Tie your shoes and get ready Kidsguide family, we’ve got a hunt you can’t resist!


Complete our special online scavenger hunt to be entered to win:


4 Pretend City tickets, 4 Pet Expo passes or 2 tickets to the Colombia Memorial Space Center!


All you have to do is follow the clues so let’s get started! And may the odds be ever in your favor!



Rules (because they’re important and stuff)

  1. Follow the clues below and tell us where you found them! There are 5 hidden on our site total. (Expert tip: The “Directory” may be your friend!)
  2. For each clue you find you gain one entry into the contest and one step closer to a PRIZE!
  3. Email the answers to our super cool editor at: editor@kidsguidemagazine.com. Please include your name and the ages of your children so we know who to congratulate! (And which prize is appropriate for you.)
  4. Contest closes Thursday, April 27 at 10:00 a.m.
  5.  And last but not least, play nice!



Okay now that the boring stuff is over, let’s get started!


1. You’ll tap your feet and sway your head, but you may not like when your feet turn red! Where am I? (Hint: You’ll also find Ballet, Jazz, and Hula in this section)


2. Y_ _R  N_XT CL_ _  _S H_DD_N WH_R_ Y_ _ M_GHT G_ T_ F_ND _ B_ _K (Hint: It’s where you can borrow books, tapes, and use a computer)


3. Stick a book on your head and take note from our newest live action disney princess to find the next clue! (Alternative clue: Here’ you’ll see wild and farm animals up close)


4. You don’t have to visit Pixie Hollow or Narnia to find the amazing tricks you’ll see with number 4! (Hint: It’s where you might learn to pull a rabbit out of your hat. Abracadabra!)

5. Put your hands in the air and touch the rim for your last clue! (Hint: Are you a Lakers or a Clippers fan!)



Good luck everyone!! 








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