Last Day of School Traditions!

Posted Thursday, June 7th, 2018


Who’s ready for the last day of school? We know your kids are counting down the days until summer officially starts! We rounded up some awesome ways for you to kick off your family’s summer– make it a fun tradition and your kids will be looking forward to it every year!



1. Create a Summer Fun Kit


Greet your kids with a bright, fun bucket at the door! These can be made as simple or as elaborate as you like. Fill it with anything you can think of that will make the words, “I’m bored,” non-existent this summer! Check out this amazing idea from The Dating Divas– they have a bucket-load of ideas on what to put in and they even have free printable tags!



2. Surprise the Kids with a Water Fight

Photo: The Spotted Owl

Be the coolest parents ever and surprise your kids with a water fight! Prepare water balloons and squirters, grab your own and hide!



3. Make a Last Day of School Autograph T-Shirt


Snag a t-shirt from the store and have your kid’s friends sign it for an awesome keepsake. Check out this super cute idea from Sugar Bee Crafts… they even include free cut files for Cricut/Silhouette crafters!



4. Be the Coolest Car in the Line-Up

Pull up to school on the last day and let your kids know that YOU. HAVE. ARRIVED! *honk honk*



5. Cross the Finish Line

Photo: East Coast Mommy

Make a banner for the kids to run through on the last day! How fun is that?!



6. Shower Them With Silly String


Stock up on cans of silly string and share them with parents at the bus stop. The moment they step off, hose them down! Check out more ideas from Peanut Blossom.



7. The Ultimate High School Graduation Gift

Photo: Pumpkin Princess Pudding Pie

Start this one early. Buy a hard copy of Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go or any other inspirational book and have your child’s teacher write a note at the end of the year. Do this every year until commencement day and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable gift. Check out Pumpkin Princess Pudding Pie for instructions on exactly what to do and then check out this post about the day one dad gave this gift to his daughter.



8. Show Some Love for the Teacher

You’ll find plenty of coffee mugs, ceramic apples and #1 Teacher figurines on store shelves right about now. But teachers are secretly wishing for these end-of-the-school-year gifts (take it from Kidsguide staffer and former teacher, Alina)! Send them off to summer with a smile with these cute and easy ideas:


Heartfelt, handwritten note of thanks.
After the whirlwind of the school year, it’s always nice to hear compliments.

“Summer Relaxation Kit”
Fill a beach bag with flip flops, a magazine, and anything else that says relax. (Like this one: Skip to my Lou)

“I Won the Lotto Having You as my Teacher!”
Make a little bundle filled with lotto scratchers and 100 Grand candy bars. (Like this one: Pigskins & Pigtails)

“Set Down the Red Pen & Head to Redbox”
Create this super easy movie night bundle with a Redbox code you can snag online! (Like this one: Crafting Chicks)

Gift Card Ideas:
Target (teachers love Target!), Amazon,, their favorite restaurant or store, etc. (Check out these cute gift card holders: Skip to my Lou)



Do you have a favorite last day of school tradition? Share below, we want to know!



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