Kidsguide: 1986-87

Posted Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Kidsguide was started on August 19, 1986. Below is the cover of the first issue that came out in January of 1987. The cover was simply the logo, which was the hand print of my daughter Lauren, 7 years old at the time. The frame around the hand was set up to look like the Yellow Pages logo, with a tag line (made up by my father), “The Little Pages.” It was a 286 page, soft-cover book that was distributed and sold for $2 as a fundraiser through PTAs in both the Long Beach and Los Alamitos school districts. The school districts required that all ads at the time be confined to the back of the book as in a year-book. The artwork throughout the issue was done by neighborhood kids, including my own, Lauren and Charlie. 10,000 copies were printed.