IncrediFlix Summer Camps 2018



IncrediFlix offers the following fun, creative filmmaking camps. Check website for dates and locations.
Lego Flix – Time to bring your Lego creations to life! They provide the Legos and you provide your imagination. Students create a Lego set with Lego characters for a movie they storyboard, write, shoot, and add voice-over in age-appropriate groups.
Minecraft Flix – Let your imagination be your guide as you turn the popular video game into an exciting Minecraft movie. Using stop-motion animation you bring Steve, the creepers, animals and more to life. Students write, storyboard, shoot and add voice-over in age-appropriate groups.
Animation Flix – Create up to five stop-motion animated flix! Each day you’ll use a new style of stop-motion, combining the favorites of past years with some exciting new styles, making this camp new each year for everyone to enjoy! It’s the ultimate arts and crafts camp where you create, direct, and film.
Imagination Flix – Take your characters underwater, to a volcano or even to outer space! In this exciting stop-motion animation movie camp, there are no limits to where your imagination can take you. You’ll brainstorm, create clay characters, choose the backgrounds, film your movies, and add voice-overs.
Live-Action Flix – Do you want to have a blast making a movie? Incrediflix guides you through “Action” to “That’s a wrap” as you brainstorm, location scout, bring in props and costumes, act and direct in a collaborative movie that will be fun for the entire audience.
Action Movie Flix – Use green screen, camera tricks and special FX to create an action-packed, live-action adventure movie! Collaborate with your group as you write, act and direct in this INCREDIbly exciting camp where you’ll be taught Hollywood stunts to thrill the entire audience.

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