Harvest Faire in Long Beach

November 11: At this Harvest Faire resembling a Renaissance faire, the interactive Village of the Maple Kingdom starts with the Farmer, Miller and the Baker. Kids will go through the “process” of making a muffin that they get to eat. Other Village Artisans love to share lessons of their trade as well, including the Candle Maker, who helps the children make a candle to light the world; the Silversmith, who will forge a Maple Kingdom coin for each child; the Spinner, who will teach how to spin wool into yarn so they can help the Weaver weave a tapestry of fibers and gifts of nature. The Wise Woman and Wizard have enchanting lessons to share as well as magical gifts. Visit their new Fairy Village and build a fairy house. There are Pixie Games and Knightly Challenges to win quality prizes and a chance to be knighted. Have tea with Queen Maple, create fun crafts; then, have your hair braided and face painted. A harvest menu of delicious food will recharge you for the climbing wall, or relax and enjoy musicians and entertainers throughout the Faire. It’s a wonderful, hands-on event for both children and parents alike. Benefitting Maple Village Waldorf School. Saturday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Held at the Girl Scout’s amazing El Ranchito campsite, Long Beach. Parking available in the lot, at Heartwell Park or street parking on Bellflower.

(562) 434-8200
4040 N. Bellflower, Long Beach