Goodbye, electronics. Hello, prizes!

Posted Thursday, June 8th, 2017



As you may have noticed, our Summer Calendar is officially here. And to top it all off, we’ve got some special prizes for you Kidsguide Families! There’s just one catch…you can’t use any electricity to win. Sorry, Ben Franklin. 😉

Here’s how to Unplug and Win:  

Tell us about the “Unplugged” adventures you are doing this summer by using the downloadable form below. Use the space to write or draw about your adventure, or attach a photo of the awesome time you had.

Definition of Unplugged:  Anything that does not involve a computer or phone screen.

Don’t forget to be creative! Anything that doesn’t involve screen time is eligible and everyone who enters will win a prize! You will also be entered to win one of our grand prizes for each adventure you send in.

You can email us your entries at but you’ll get bonus points for doing it the old fashioned way and sticking it in a mailbox. 😉

Kidsguide Magazine
10313 Los Alamitos Blvd., Los Alamitos CA 90720


Hint: Use and Kidsguide’s Summer Calendar to get “Adventure” ideas. Good Luck Kidsguiders!

Download (PDF, 189KB)

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