Everyone Just Settle Down!

Posted Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

We’ve all been there, at the very end of our ropes, staring down a little face in a foul mood.


Whether they’re tired, wired, frustrated, hungry or coming down with the sniffles, kids have no end of reasons to throw a (perfectly normal) tantrum. Or to pick a screaming fight with his sister. Or to see how far he can get in a stand-off against Mom.


Short of catching the next plane to Tahiti, experts say the best way for you to keep the peace (and give everyone a chance to regain their composure) is with a well-timed time out.


Here’s a quick round-up of advice from the experts.


How young can you start? Read the answer, plus other great time-out techniques from parenting guru Dr. Sears.


What do you do if your little perpetrator won’t stay put? Follow your instincts – they’re probably spot-on.


How long should time out last? Read the latest advice from the American Academy of  Pediatrics.


Call a time out and your grade-schooler laughs? Put on your poker face and try these tricks for older kids.


Add a dose of good humor with this time-out hour-glass stool, this cute sign for brawling boys or this personalized chair with a built-in timer.


Or make your own time-out timer with a magical mix of glue, water and glitter. (It takes exactly five minutes to settle – just like your five-year-old.)

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