CodeRev Winter Tech Camp

Posted Friday, December 16th, 2016

Give the Gift of Learning this Holiday Season!



Award-Winning Winter Tech Camp

CodeREV Kids offers programming classes and game-based adventures in:

• Modding in Minecraft
• MathCraft (Math + Minecraft)
• Minecraft Engineering
• Adventures in Programming
• More!

During winter camp offered at CodeREV, students in grades 1 through 9 learn skills that are not only useful and fun for creating incredible school projects; they are marketable skills such as coding, higher order thinking, math and game development that are in demand for the knowledge-workers of tomorrow.

“Students love to play video games, but they love to create them even more. At CodeREV, we teach kids how to create their own eye-popping video games and 3D worlds and use engaging games like Minecraft to sharpen their math skills.”

“Educators know that over the summer months, students typically lose up to one third of the knowledge they learned in the previous school year.” During winter break,  school enrichment fills those gaps. CodeREV programs “not only help students retain those skills, they help them work in fields of interest that employers report are in short supply,” shared CodeREV Founder and CEO Evan Boorman.

“Students love CodeREV because the courses and skills they learn are fun and geared toward their interests. Parents love our programs because the curriculum is relevant to high-demand 21st century skills.”

Locations includes Irvine, Santa Monica and more.

(310) 450-4984, (949) 936-2574





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