Football and Cheerleading

Flag and tackle football leagues and clinics, plus cheer classes, camps and squads. Also see: Dance and Gymnastics for cheer-related programs. For additional resources, see our current issue.

Football and Cheerleading at Games

Various local and national football leagues for kids.

HSC All Stars Cheerleading Program

HSC All Stars made their all-star cheerleading debut in the season of 2007. Since then, they have won numerous regional and national championships. HSC All Stars is run and directed by Cheryl Vuong, coach for the nationally and world-ranked Los Alamitos Cheer program.

Lakewood Recreation and Community Services

Flag Football Online registration begins August 4. In person begins August 11. All registration ends on August 18.

Long Beach Parks Recreation and Marine

Coed Flag Football Leagues (5-8). Boy’s Flag Football Leagues (9-14).

National Cheerleaders Association

Hosts and promotes championships and camps (10+).

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