Archery’s an inexpensive sport that’s open to kids of all sizes, shapes and abilities. It promotes upper-body strength, hones concentration and patience, builds kids’ self-confidence, relieves stress and lures kids out into the great outdoors. With pointy equipment and strict rules, archery also gives kids a healthy respect for safety.

Age requirements vary (call first!), but most experts agree that kids as young as 8 are ready to give it a go.

Basic classes and camps will focus on safety, course rules and form, giving kids a feel for using their muscles, balance, breathing and concentration to send their arrow straight to the bullseye. An expert can help you choose the right-sized bow and arrow, a quiver to stash your arrows, plus safety gear, including finger tabs, arm guards and slings.

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Archery Ranges

Private ranges that offer instruction (5+), tournaments, league activities, target practice and private lessons.

El Dorado Regional Park Archery Range

Free instruction to improve skills and consistent shooting technique (8+).

Gryphon Fencing & Fitness Studio

Archery teaches focus, concentration and coordination. Gryphon Fencing and Fitness Studio offers beginning archery classes for kids 7 and older.

U.S.A. Archery

The national governing body for archery coordinates the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) program which offers youth (8-18) the opportunity to compete in competitions.