What to Bring? Camp Checklist

Your kids are excited to ditch the textbooks and dig in to summer! Here’s what they should take along on their day camp adventures:

Your kids are excited to ditch the textbooks and dig in to camp! Here’s what they should take along on their day-camp adventures:



Your camper will be mixing it up with kids and counselors who don’t yet know them by name. Label belongings with a Sharpie or iron-on labels.

Consider WhoTats temporary tattoos (whotats.com) so your kiddo will always have an emergency number (literally) on-hand.



Recycle an old school backpack that get can wet and dirty.

Make it big enough to hold extra clothes, swim gear and lunch.

An outside compartment is handy for sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, tissues, hand sanitizer, insect-repellent wipes and any medications (alert the staff, first.)

An easy-to-reach mesh bottle pocket will help your camper remember to drink water.


Clothes and Swim Gear

Camp can be messy! Roll up an extra set of shorts, T-shirt, socks and undies in a resealable plastic bag.

Stash a hooded sweatshirt for cool-and-cloudy mornings.

Sunglasses and a hat will protect your camper on a day full of sun.

For swimming, beach or water-play days, pack a swim suit, goggles, flip flops and two towels – one to sit on and one for toweling off.


Drinks and Snacks

Find a mini cooler/lunchbox at your local discount store, plus a couple of reusable ice packs.

Send two water bottles so your camper has plenty to drink throughout the day. (Freeze one the night before and let it melt.)

Campers will likely be balancing lunches on their laps – it’s no time for fettuccine alfredo! Keep it simple with PB&J, turkey-tortilla rollups, cheese and crackers, apple slices and yogurt.

Include a couple of snacks to keep tummies from rumbling: protein bars, trail mix, dry cereal, beef jerky, peanut butter-filled pretzels, carrots with hummus and edamame are all great choices.


Special Gear

Check with your camp about any other necessities, including musical instruments, sports equipment, show-and-tell items or gadgets for digital filmmaking.