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Kidsguide History Hunt #1

It’s time to go on Kidsguide’s History Hunt, and we have your kids’ very first mission! Download the History Hunt Rancho Crossword Puzzle here, watch for more monthly missions and enter to win big prizes.

Dig Up History!

You can bury those crusty memories of musty textbooks — the old way of teaching history is history! The fall/winter issue of Kidsguide has the very best spots for your kids to see their classroom history lessons come to life.

Free Online Homework Help

Can’t remember the difference between commutative property and distributive property? Homework can be a head-scratcher for parents, too. Help your kids, without tearing out your hair, with these free online tutorials.

Homemade Book Covers

Science and history and math, oh my! Keep those textbooks fresh all year long with these do-it-yourself book covers, customized by your kids, of course.

Daycation: Oak Glen

If you’re a typical Kidsguide reader, you have a little touch of wanderlust, so we’re excited to start a new feature called 5 Worth the Drive. If you’re itchin’ to ditch the laundry and hit the road, make your first destination Oak Glen.

Get Organized!

Back-to-school brings a whirlwind of math tests, soccer practice, piano lessons, teacher luncheons, birthday parties, science projects and wrapping paper fundraisers. Survive the storm with a Family Command Center.

Sugar Rush

The end of summer is always bittersweet. But a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! Visit America’s biggest confection emporium, or plan your very own backyard candy bash.

Potty Talk

You know the potty dance. When your little one starts to shimmy, it’s time to find a loo, fast! Track down a toilet on the go with these super-quick smartphone apps.

Gardens for Kids

Forget the perfectly clipped hedges and keep-off-the-grass signs – we’ve found a forest full of children’s gardens designed just for your kids to explore.

Hot Dog!

Sizzling on the grill, roasting on the campfire or tossed to you at a baseball game, nothing says summer like a mustard-slathered hot dog. Now’s the time to teach your old dog new tricks.

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