Valley Christian Schools

At Valley Christian, you’ll find an inescapable link between excellence in education and a Biblical World view. Students enjoy outstanding training in fine arts, sports, honors and AP courses (with unparalleled pass rates), and STEM, including award-winning robotics. All courses are taught by highly-engaged Christian teachers who consider their profession a calling. They guide students to academic excellence, artistic accomplishment and athletic distinction. Preschool through 12th grade operates on four separate campuses, and offers a wide variety of experience-based and progressive learning opportunities, including multi-age classes at the elementary campus. 97% of VCHS graduates go on to colleges and universities. About 30% each year are accepted at the nation’s top 100 colleges and universities. You’re welcomed to come and see any of the Valley Christian campuses. Your first visit will include an Educational Success Consultation with one of the principals, followed by a tour. Contact Dianne Grasmeyer to schedule your visit, (562) 860-0556. Also see Calendar.

(562) 860-0556
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