Take the Stage – Long Beach

Take the Stage – Long Beach offers acting classes for kids and teens. Their classes emphasize and celebrate imagination, action, expression and active listening. Stage training offers kids and teens a chance to explore who they are, and to experience life – even for just a few moments – in someone else’s shoes. Class sizes are small so performers enjoy lots of stage time and can develop a true sense of ensemble with their classmates. Each class includes brief warm-ups, games, exercises in listening and concentration, as well as targeted work in the curricular concentrations of the session: improvisation, public speaking, stage combat, scene study, character analysis, cold reading, audition technique, musical theatre, monologues, etc. Classes are guaranteed to include lots of laughter; acting is hard work, but it should also always be fun! Classes meet at the GO-FAME Studio.

(562) 225-8177
3960 N. Studebaker Road, Unit 106, Long Beach