Stowell Learning Center

“Hope and Real Solutions for Learning and Attention Challenges.” These include: dyslexia, auditory processing disorders, learning disabilities, attention deficit, Executive Function, processing skills, Autism Spectrum Disorders, reading, writing, spelling and math. They work one-to-one with children and adults to develop the underlying learning issues and processing skills that are keeping them from working to their potential, and to remediate reading, writing, spelling and math. They don’t provide a bandaid approach, or help students with homework; they help them develop the skills they need to do their homework on their own. Their goal is for students to become comfortable, independent learners. Their programs and strategies are cutting edge, research-based and among the most highly effective available. For information about how Stowell Learning Center can help you or your child, join them at one of their free Parent Nights. Locations in Irvine and Chino.

(949) 477-4133
1150 Main St., Ste. C