8 Lunch Box Hacks That Will Save Your Life!

Posted Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Say goodbye to the days of plain old PB & Js and hello to healthy, nutritious, but most of all easy packed lunches. Our biggest morning foe has met its match because we’ve put together 8 super easy lunch box hacks that you need to be using like yesterday! 😉



1. Don’t have a fancy bento box? No problem! Use silicone (or paper) cupcake liners to divide small snacks and dips—things like blueberries, crackers, or even yogurt.


2. Take those juice boxes to another level and freeze them the night before to use as ice packs! They’ll thaw by the time lunch rolls around and keep things like turkey and cheese cool.


3. Writing a note on paper is so old school! Take a banana, cut it in half, and write your little cutie a secret message on the outside. Not sure what we mean? Check out thekitchn.com’s lunch surprise post here!


4. Create a snack station in your pantry to save some time. Stock it with things like applesauce, wheat crackers, and fruit snacks. This way you already know where they’re at in the morning and your little ones can help pack their lunches too!


5. If you’re still on that PB & J train, make a few of them on a Saturday or Sunday and freeze them. It becomes your very own Uncrustable and costs half the price!


6. Pick up cookie cutters at your local dollar store to cut cute shapes in things like quesadillas and sandwiches. It takes the guess work out of having to get creative while you’re running on 4 hours of sleep (thanks Netflix), and also makes their lunch visual which is ALWAYS a plus for picky eaters.


7. Use a small thermos to keep things like chicken nuggets or pizza rolls warm.


8. When in doubt, skewer it! You can skewer turkey and cheddar, grape tomatoes and mozzarella, or even fruit—kids love it and it’s a life saver for those times you realize you’ve only got one slice of bread. 🙂


If you’re looking for even more lunch box hacks, check out this awesome article from POPSUGAR, or take a look at our Food & Nutrition board on Pinterest! Happy hacking! 😉





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