5 Secrets to Spring Cleaning with the Kids!

Posted Thursday, April 5th, 2018


Ok, we know… we know… the words kids and clean in the same sentence?! No need to worry, we’ve got the secrets to spring cleaning with your kids!


1. Visit the Land of Imagination

Something as simple as playing pretend might be all you need to get your kids in the cleaning mood. Encourage your kids to start “The Dream Clean Team” or “Rebecca’s Rise n’ Shine Cleaning Company.” Dress them up in an apron, child-sized rubber gloves, and print out an I.D. badge to make it extra official. Check out these super cute name ideas:

  • Pixie Dust Cleaners
  • Clean King/Queen
  • _____’s Helping Hands
  • Dustbusters
  • Mean Pristine Cleaning Machine
  • Take a Bite Out of Grime
  • Partners in Grime
  • Cleaner Upper (Bonus: Pretend the kids have their own TV show and have them do a big makeover reveal at the end! If only we can get Joanna Gaines in on this!)


2. Put Together a Kid-Friendly Cleaning Kit

Don’t forget to give them their own cleaning kit! Include a rag, duster, gloves, dustpan/broom, and a spray bottle (filled with water for little ones). Check out this idea from Inner Child Fun for a chemical-free cleaning kit.


3. Hold a Cleaning Contest

Nothing beats a little friendly competition between siblings. Challenge them to see who can clean their areas the quickest and the most thoroughly to win a treat.


4. Turn Up the Music!

Challenge your kids to finish picking up the toys before the song is over! If they finish early, then they have the remaining time to dance!


5. Break It Down

A big task like cleaning their room might be too overwhelming of a task for children. Try breaking down a big task into bite-sized pieces. Be specific with phrases like “pick up 12 toys” or “find all of the red things.” Turn it into a game! This will teach kids that a big task gets done a little bit at a time.


Do you have any tips for cleaning with kids? Share them below!



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15 thoughts on “5 Secrets to Spring Cleaning with the Kids!

  1. Michelle Gregory on said:

    I LOVE that Kidsguide has tips & advice I would never think of. Having kids out of school can be daunting, but with Kidsguide, I get fresh ideas!
    My daughter loves to put socks on and help mop. I give her a spray bottle with simple green and water, let her spray the floor and “skate” around the kitchen. It makes her feel important & helpful, while teaching her cleanliness! Plus, Simple Green makes the house smell good!

  2. Sherita Cooper on said:

    What I love most about Kidsguide is informing us parents of the amazing events for our kids. One tip on how to get my son to clean is I tell him that whatever toys are on the floor must belong in the to others so we should donate them to kids less fortunate. So he ends up putting most of the toys away and donating some to Goodwill.

  3. Priscilla Reyes on said:

    I love how, “Kidsguide” gives detailed information on things to do with your kids, all sorts of events & shows, including free things and even things to do at home!
    How I get the kids to clean is make a game out of chores, like time challenge, who can pick up their toys faster, how much of their clothes they can fold & put away within a certain time, etc…

  4. Alejandra on said:

    Honestly what I love about kidsguide magazine(besides the pretty great and useful blogs) is the atmosphere and vibes! I feel like family with you guys! The only way I can make my kids clean is by singing the clean up song and telling them grandma is coming over (she hates a mess lol)

    • Liz on said:

      That is one of the nicest compliments we’ve ever received. To feel like family is as good as it gets. Thank you Alejandra! We printed your comment and posted it on our wall!

  5. Kelly Fitzgerald on said:

    Kidsguide always gives me great and different ideas on what to do with my kids!

    We do chore charts to help get our kids involved in cleaning and chores…and let them earn stickers.

  6. Tina Lopez on said:

    I love kids guide because they are a staple for families in the area for fun for families looking for activities and tips.
    Swifters are a Moms best friend. Kids can. Help dust and mop easily and mess free!

  7. Fanny Gomez on said:

    Ideas, updates, reminders on how, What, and where to do things. These Are All Things I Love About Kidsguide. Your Website Is My Go for everything. We have been to kids classes, swimming classes, park events, and so much more.

    Cleaning advice??? Kids Learn By example, help them do a task if they can’t do it in there own, it’s ok. At some point they Wixom be able to. Pick your battles.

  8. Erika Tafolla on said:

    I love the giveaways but also the great ideas for outings!! Our family has had a lot of fun with some of the ideas you’ve shared on your website! Thank you!

    Cleaning advice? The kids know to clean up before bed, that way they can get straight to playing the next morning. Works out great! Good luck everyone.

  9. Tia Pruett on said:

    I love that Kidsguide sends their weekly email with fun and new things to do every week. It’s the best resource I’ve found for cheap, easy and entertaining things to do with my kids.

    Cleaning tip – Turn any paper mess into a counting basketball game. My four year old loves throwing balled up paper and counting each time she makes a basket in the trash.

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