5 Expert Tips on Water Safety & Swim Lessons Giveaway!

Posted Thursday, May 17th, 2018


May is National Water Safety Month!


Summer is right around the corner and that means pools, lakes, and ocean waves! We think some expert water safety tips are definitely needed. We got in touch with Jacquie Ferneau, owner of Deep Blue Swim School (Belmont Shore and Bixby Knolls), and she gave us the 4-1-1 on keeping your kids safe this summer!


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1. Start Early

Introducing your child to the water as early as possible helps them become comfortable sooner which leads to safer swim practices and less fear. And with water-related injuries becoming so prevalent, it’s important to get your child used to being in this element as soon as possible.

Expert tip: Children are NEVER old enough to go unsupervised in a body of water, even if they are excellent swimmers.



2. Know the Signs of an Emergency

If you haven’t seen their head pop up in a minute then chances are something is wrong. Some signs to look for are:

  • child’s head is low in water
  • mouth is at water level
  • body is vertical in the water
  • doggy paddling or thrashing
  • eyes are glassy, unfocused or closed
  • hyperventilating, gasping, or not breathing

Expert tip: Jacquie suggests talking to your local lifeguard and asking what their typical response would be for emergency situations. Practicing drills at home will help you and your family be prepared for anything.



3. Stay. Throw. Don’t Go!

Teach children if they see another child in distress, they should grab a nearby floatie, stick, or something else to throw into the water. As the saying insinuates, staying out of the water yourself is the best option.

Expert tip: Children should NEVER dive in to rescue other children! Teaching them the saying “stay, throw, don’t go,” is key.



4. Skip Out on the Floaties

Jacquie’s tip is to only use a flotation device if it is absolutely necessary for your child. She emphasizes that these devices can often times cause a false sense of security in the water which can lead to an accident. Instead of relying on floaties, grab your little one and check out a local swim class like the ones Deep Blue Swim School offers. (Don’t forget to check out the awesome giveaway below!)

Expert tip: Take your child to a swim class where they can develop their own sense of security and always have a designated “water watcher” on site.



5. Use the Buddy System

This one goes without saying but can sometimes be easily forgotten! Always having a “water watcher” is key, but even at gatherings and parties accidents can happen so be sure to always have a swim buddy!  This adds another layer of protection to the systems you may already have in place! Like the layers of protection you should have around your pool!

Expert tip: Don’t merely assume that your child knows how to swim! Have their water safety skills checked out by an experienced swim instructor or lifeguard. Make sure your kids can float on their backs, tread water, get to the side of a pool, and exit safely.



Bonus Tip: Attend Deep Blue Swim School’s Water Safety Challenge Day Event!






In honor of National Water Safety Month, we’ve teamed up with Deep Blue Swim School to give away a month’s worth of private swim lessons ($168 value) to one of you! It’s our way of saying thanks for being a part of the Kidsguide family.



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  1. Tiffiny on said:

    Kids guide gives me great ideas for activities- both at home and in the community!

    Water tip: never swim alone.

  2. Amparo Latimer on said:

    Thanks for the useful information. Water safety Is a big contender with our daughter going to beach camp and surfing.

  3. Sarah Lin on said:

    I enjoy reading Kidsguide they provide a lot of informative information that I can use for my Family and I also enjoy reading the section with all the events in the calendar section. Regarding Water Safety, its important that a child is always with an adult at all times, no matter how old.

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