4 Reasons Kids Need Summer Education

Posted Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Three words: summer learning loss. Yes, it’s real. (Okay, maybe six words.) 😉

John Hopkins University studies show that students have up to 2 months of learning loss in both math and reading comprehension skills due to the long summer break.  Teachers spend 3-4 weeks re-teaching material from the previous year and several studies have confirmed the same findings.

Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons summer education is vital:


1. It provides your child an academic advantage

Supplemental education programs offer kids an opportunity to get ahead while still enjoying their summer in a fun, interactive environment.


2. It eliminates summer setback

Time and time again, research has confirmed summer learning loss. As parents, this can be daunting, but small daily learning exercises can prevent this slide and help advance your child’s skills.


3. It helps them develop foundational skills

For students who have struggled with subjects during the school year, enrolling in a learning program during summer can be a huge benefit. There are fewer distractions from other courses and extracurricular activities, and sometimes a different instructional method is needed for the material to stick.


4. There’s less pressure

More often than not, students struggle to cope with the pressure of grades and permanent records. This can prevent them from reaching their full potential. Learning programs do away with these stressors, allowing your child to fully explore certain subjects and experience the joy of learning.


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