10 Things Kids & Families Must Do at the LA County Fair!

Posted Thursday, September 6th, 2018


Who’s ready to get their “Kicks on Route 66” at the LA County Fair? Get the family in the car and head on over because here’s Kidsguide’s list of the 10 things you cannot miss at the Fair this year!



1. America’s Great Outdoors

Get your Kicks on Route 66 and explore national parks, monuments and historical sites while visiting native animals, including reptiles. Meet Smokey the Bear and friends and learn how to protect, respect and connect with nature and its animals.



2. Mojo’s Wild & Crazy Lagoon

Head out on a safari and look at some of the most interesting animals from around the world – a binturong (a what now?!), a capybara, camels, kangaroos, zebras, lemurs, reptiles, insects and more. Don’t forget to watch Zor, their resident fire eater, as he incorporates martial arts and dance to create an exotic one man fire show in the evening.



3. The Rock Candy Factory: The Science of Rocks & Candy

Who wants candy? Candy shops have long been an essential part of the great American road trip. Science and history will come alive as you explore its role within pop culture, gems and minerals, rock candy and more.



4. The National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Motorsports Museum

Housed in a 28,500-square-foot building, the museum celebrates the impact of motorsports on our culture. It features an impressive array of 50+ vintage and historical racing vehicles along with photos, trophies, helmets and driving uniforms, artifacts, paintings, and other memorabilia chronicling more than 60 years of American motorsports. Small fee for this attraction.



5. Brick City

Tap into your creative side and explore a world of fun and creativity as you travel all along Route 66 with the world’s most popular toy – LEGO.



6. eSports Gaming

Get your blood pumping while playing some of today’s hottest eSports games at the LA County Fair! They’ve partnered with eSports Gaming World to bring gaming competitions, contests and the latest in gaming gear every day of the Fair!



7. The Farm

Their produce is definitely the ‘real thing.’ This is where they combine learning, growing, and sustaining in one area to create The Farm. See fruits and vegetables growing while visiting a working farm!



8. Retro City

Step back in time, leave behind virtual reality, get out your tokens and play vintage arcade games! From pin ball to the original PAC-MAN there is something for everyone to enjoy. Open every day of the Fair this year! Cost: $0.25 – $1, per play.



9. The Land of Frogs, Princesses & Knights

Let your kid’s imagination run wild as they embark on a journey to a place full of wonder and magical allure where fairytales are born. Princesses will reign in the Princess Castle and knights can attend Knight School and fight for honor.



10. Discovery Cube’s Motion Commotion

Hands-on science education that delights, challenges, and encourages kids? Count us in. Explore the Discovery Cube’s Motion Commotion. Explore the science of motion, take off with Newton’s three laws of motion and find out how collisions can literally spark your imagination. Learn how commonly found items can be reused to do some uncommonly cool science.



What is your family most excited for at the Fair? Check out their full list of attractions here.



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