What’s Happening This Week

Show Me The Bunny: Find 104 events to do this week, plus a discount code for Snowflake at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts.


(Easter) Egg Your Neighbors!

Enlist your kids and share a little spring cheer this week by (Easter) egging your neighbors. All it takes is a stop at the dollar store and some street smarts. They’ll be shocked – no yolk!


Consider Your Summer Booked

Not to ruffle your feathers, Oprah, but Kidsguide is starting a book club! Gather your little duckings – it’s time to crack open some fun! Find details in the spring/summer issue of Kidsguide, out now.


Backstage Pass

Beat the crowds and get the VIP treatment on a behind-the-scenes tour. Slide into the Dodger dugout, stand thisclose to an Oscar statuette, see how guitars, movies, newspapers, even olives, are made — and more!


Go Fly a Kite!

Looking for something fun (and cheap!) to do this weekend now that the clouds have cleared? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind. Grab the kids and go fly a kite!


7 Phrases to Defuse Meltdowns

Whether you’re facing a three-year-old begging for Froot Loops or a teen pushing for your car keys, spats are a normal part of family life. Follow these tips from Love and Logic for neutralizing arguments fast.

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Summer at Westerly School

Westerly continues its approach of engaging students through rich instruction and application throughout the summer months. Summer with Westerly is uniquely customized to meet the needs of your family by offering a variety of opportunities for students of all ages with dates and times that allow a smooth and productive summer for all families. Join them for the full nine weeks or pick and choose the dates that work for you.