What’s Happening This Week

The New Issue of Kidsguide is Here + Tons of family must dos around Southern California!


Win Tickets to Marvel Universe LIVE

We’ve got a family four-pack of tickets to Marvel Universe LIVE. Who Wants Them?


You’ve Got a Train to Catch

From their first reading of “The Little Engine That Could” or their first glimpse of Thomas the Tank Engine on TV, most kids are crazy for trains. Let them loose on a caboose at these Southern California attractions.


6 Biking Basics for a Sweet Ride

Nothing beats a sunny bike ride, with the wind in your hair, the open road ahead and kids humming along behind you. Get your whole family pedaling with these six biking basics.


Gimme a (Spring) Break!

Make the most of your week off from school by learning a new language, joining a citywide scavenger hunt, silk-screening your own shirt and more, with these spring break special events.


Kids’ Etiquette Tips? Yes, Please!

Comb your hair. Sit up straight. Say please and thank you. Teaching our kids healthy hygiene and great manners isn’t just about impressing the relatives. It’s about showing we care about ourselves and others. Here’s how.

The Kidsguide Directory

Tribe Functional Fitness

The Sport of Fitness. Teaching kids and teens the correct way to move, how to press their limits, to do the impossible, to believe in themselves and how to have fun while doing it all. Tribe covers all 10 general physical skills: accuracy, agility, balance, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, flexibility, power, strength, stamina and speed.

Portal Corp

Portal Languages offer a language program for ages 2 and up for non-native speakers. Parents will find the program fun and entertaining as the language comes alive through music, puppets, books, theater and games. Research shows that preschool and elementary school children are at an optimal age for a second language, and that children who speak a second language test higher, speak better and retain languages longer.

Musique Sur La Mer

Musique Sur La Mer Offers five instrumental programs based on age and ability. La Petite Musique Sring Orchestra is for musicians (7-16) with at least two years of music lessons and are proficient in reading music in first position, who want a fun, educational first orchestral experience.